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We were both active in our younger years, but hadn’t been very active at all in about eight years. I’m Dave Payne and my wife, Lori, is pictured here with me. Lori had injured her back in April 2001 and would end up having three major back surgeries over the following 18 months. She needed a prosthetic brace for the lower half of her right leg to keep her foot from dragging and tripping herself when she walked. The surgeons said that she would never walk without the brace again and she would never be able to run or perform high-impact exercise.

Dave and Lori at Farrell's LaVistaI am a retired U.S. Air Force member. I was very active until May 2006. I was participating in a sports day challenge bench press competition and a 4 X 1/2 mile relay sprint. During this competition I tore both the right and left side of my abdominal wall and would be misdiagnosed for three years. I had surgery to repair my abdomen in August 2009. I had pain and continue to have pain on the right side of my lower right abdominal quadrant. I used this as an excuse not to exercise and validate my weight gain.

Lori continued to push through physical therapy and eventually was able to lose the prosthetic brace two years after her last back surgery. She walked, but would never push herself. Lori started to gain weight as she approached 40. She was unhappy with the way she looked and felt. She signed up at Farrell’s LaVista during the October 2015 session and had amazing results. She didn’t win the $1,000 transformation, but she won something much more valuable - her self-esteem and confidence. She loved the program so much that she bought me a 10-week session beginning in January 2016.

I was a little more skeptical. I had been active and didn’t want anyone to tell me how to eat. I quickly learned that Farrell’s is about community and supporting one another. I was quiet and came in each morning at 4 a.m. and gave my level 10 every day on the mat. I was moving right along and felt I had a good chance at winning the best transformation. It was on March 19, 2016 that our lives would change forever and we would really learn what the FXB family means.

March 19, 2016 as Lori and I prepared to attend my 10-week celebration for completing my 10 weeks, our 15-year-old son, Carter, passed away. The first person I told, outside of my family, was Eric Weaver a person I had met literally 10 weeks earlier at orientation. We received text, phone calls and visitors from our FXB family that night and that amazing support continues today. The physical results speak for themselves. It’s the love, support and encouragement from not just the owners, Wayne and Jen Lewis, but the coaches and the entire FXB LaVista Farrell’s family that you can’t buy anywhere else. They believed in us and encouraged us through our darkest days. We have found our fitness community for life!

Lori's Farrell's Transformation 

Dave and Lori Payne are FIT Members are our LaVista, NE Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping location.

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