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In January 2016, my life was already in motion to transform, but I did not see it coming yet. My wife, Karie, was the first to join Farrell’s and in her 10 weeks she did amazing. The transformation was beyond belief. She tried and tried to pressure me into doing the next session but unfortunately my military career had me push the 10 weeks until the summer session. I mention the military because I am proud of what I do and a lot of my drive and indomitable spirit comes from it. This is one of the biggest areas where Farrell’s has changed my life.

As I went to friends and family week at the Farrell's LaVista location in Omaha, I walked in pretty cocky since I had been in multiple fights in my day. I was in the military and deemed myself as being in great shape. BOY, WAS I WRONG! As we got the kickboxing class underway, a gal named Penny was on the mic and man was she on fire! I was watching my wife go to town on the bag as I was trying to push all my “manliness” out just to keep up. In the end, I failed miserably. I was nowhere near being as fit as I thought I was. Penny came over as I was drenched in sweat, breathing heavy, and told me I did amazing for my first time and asked if I was going to join and without haste…I replied with a HELL, YES! I enrolled in the 4 a.m. “crazies” class.

As we did the orientation and did the push-ups, sit-ups and mile run, I realized I was one of the more fit new 10-weekers in the bunch. I saw this as a challenge to myself that I knew I was going to have to work extra hard to keep this up because I didn’t want anyone to catch up with me. Now, I am no selfish person and I am quick to give the shirt off my back to anyone if they need it, but I can honestly say that these 10 weeks were mine and mine alone. Focusing on me, I did everything my coach asked and didn’t miss class unless it was something I couldn’t get out of. In the end I missed my last week due to a military obligation, but to win the $1,000 challenge with a nine-week commitment was mind blowing. I found out via a phone call from my wife, who accepted it on my behalf. It dawned on me that I had just achieved something great - for myself and for my family, and that this group at 4 a.m. had also supported me this whole time. 

Farrell's Member Patrick Q. Today

I had a revelation once I got back and started my Farrell’s FIT student lifestyle with my 4 a.m. warriors that now it was my turn to give back to those that need it. That it is no longer about me. I was fit. I did more push-ups, sit-ups and ran faster than I ever have. It was time to pay it forward. I made it my personal calling to give everything I have to every new 10-week member who came through the door. To try to push and inspire them the way I was inspired. I started to instruct strength training and help answer questions from new students that I remember asking people when I first started. It felt amazing to see people change right in front of me and to see them smile with pride and confidence as they did a push-up from their toes for the first time or shaved a minute off their mile or even lost 5 pounds.

I have been called intimidating and overly passionate in the way I approach the Farrell’s program. Every day I get on the bag I give it everything I have and push myself to find a new level for me. At the same time, I am passionate about others around me, and seeing them work hard. I know not everyone will be able to keep up with me, but the one thing that motivates more than anything else is seeing my fellow family members pushing themselves to exhaustion, dripping with sweat, fighting the pain to get one more in and then coming back for more. NEVER GIVING UP!

How has Farrell’s changed my life?

Well, since my time at Farrell’s my overall health has improved to where I don’t wake up with back pain anymore. I’m only sore, in a good way, from the workouts I take. My military average push-up, sit-up and mile and half run used to be: 50 pushups in 2 minutes, 60 sit-ups in 2 minutes and an average of 12:00 minutes for a mile and half run. I did 102 pushups in 2 minutes, 136 sit-ups in 2 minutes and ran my mile and half in 9:40. Massive improvements.

I have also been able to convince some friends of ours to join and a few of them have won the $1,000 contest or have been in the top three. I have used my knowledge of nutrition and positive thinking to push my fellow sailors to live a better lifestyle. When I wake up in the morning and the day before was a bad day, I walk into the gym and people recognize something isn’t right and by the time class is over, with their support, and the overall supportive community of the gym, it goes away and I’m back to laughing and smiling. It is nice that I can release whatever is bothering me at Farrell’s and not fear that I will release it at home. Another major milestone was that I have now done many 5Ks, 10Ks, a half marathon and a 76-mile relay race on a team of seven. Never in a million years did I ever expect to be able to do any of this.

I have my life the way I have always wanted it and every day I step on the mats, my life continues to change in that 45 minutes. So thank you to my wife first and foremost for starting this venture. To my kids who keep me young. To founder Lance Farrell, owners Wayne and Jen, and Carol, Penny, Derek, Eric and all the other instructors who commit to the changing of lives. With a huge thank you for the change in my life, all my 4 a.m. warriors past, present and future. Thanks for keeping me motivated, dedicated and inspired to keep raising the bar on my own Level 10 lifestyle.

I am forever grateful for the change provided to me by Farrell’s!

Patrick's one-year Farrell's transformation 

Patrick Q. is a FIT Member and 2017 National Challenge Participant from our LaVista, Nebraska Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location.

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